Black Hat USA 2017 + DEFCON 25

Black Hat USA 2017 and DEFCON 25 are one week away! We are excited to expand our Black Hat presence this year, moving from Innovation City last year into the main floor at Booth 973, and to announce members of our technical teams presenting at DEFCON 25.

As everyone prepares to descend on Las Vegas next week, it's hard to keep track of everything that will be happening.

Black Hat Activities

At the 20th annual Black Hat USA conference, trending topics will be covered over six days through briefings, trainings and an expo hall and include everything from the Internet of Things (IoT) to malware and protecting the enterprise. The keynote, to be given by Facebook CSO Alex Stamos, will advocate focusing on privacy, defense and making security work for everyone.

Here at DarkOwl Cybersecurity, we've recently begun digging deeper into the power of our OWL Vision platform to leverage DARKINT™, darknet intelligence, and rank various organizations according to their darknet footprint.

This year at Black Hat, we will be releasing our Black Hat Darknet Index, in which we have ranked all of the Black Hat exhibitors by their presence on the darknet. Stop by Booth 973 to see how they compare!

DEFCON Activities

For over two decades, DEFCON has been a part of the world's hacker community. Expert speakers,  crazy contests, educational workshops, demo labs, villages, vendors and of course entertainment round out the four days that bring together the best and the brightest of the infosec community.

Many of our technical team members have been actively involved in DEFCON for years. This year, they will be attending, and several will be speaking!


The DarkOwl Cybersecurity team of Justin Whitehead (@h0m3l3sshacker), Steve Pordon (@legion303) and Minion (@BoDangles5) will be giving a talk at DEFCON SKYTALKS: “From OPSUCK to OPSEXY, an OPSEC Primer.” 

OPSEC, or "Operational Security," is a continual awareness of how small pieces of information can act like puzzle pieces which an attacker can fit together to understand the big picture, putting your organization at risk. The team will bring together real-world experience to help people better understand what and who is out there and how to protect against them.  

Come learn about OPSEC: 1300 – 1400 on Friday, 28 July 2017 at SKYTALKS, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, NV


Justin Whitehead (@h0m3l3sshacker) will be teaching at DEFCON R00tz Asylum with the Drone Wars team.

Drone Warz brings real drone innovations and gameplay to R00tz. Our talk and workstation will offer flight simulators and construction and operation projects using: drone build kits, custom 3D-printed designs (you can even print your own at the event!), Raspberry Pi build kits and drone racing. Attendees will learn remote camera setup and functions, real flight controllers, simulated flights and drone functions and exciting adaptations. H0m3l3ss will teach an introduction to setting up the Raspberry Pi 3 and discuss how the Pi's can be used in the world of drones. In addition to all the activities, our research team will unveil their unique Kali Linux distribution and delivery/deployment adaptation.

Drone race winners will leave with a custom drone build kit plus remote or a Raspberry Pi. All winners will also receive free EC-Council CSCU courseware and discounted certification test vouchers. 

Come play with drones: 1300 -1400 on Saturday, 29 July 2017 at DEFCON R00tz Asylum, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, NV

Next week will be a week full of fun, learning, networking, demoing and more ! We hope to see you at Black Hat USA 2017 or DEFCON 25. Until then, if you have any questions, please reach out!