Dream Market: Another law enforcement takeover?

With all of the news on the recent law enforcement takedowns of two major darknet marketplaces, AlphaBay and Hansa, our analysts are looking into what is really happening, leveraging the power of our DarkOwl Vision database and their experience and expertise, to track how events continue to unfold, what it means for the future of the darknets and where users of these marketplaces decide to move.

Hansa market seized by law enforcement today.

Hansa market seized by law enforcement today.


While we plan to release additional updates tomorrow, one thing our team is currently seeing is chatter around the fact that Dream Market may also be compromised. Dream Market, considered a top market on Tor, has been around since late 2013.

Ten days ago, a Reddit user by the name of luckyduckquack posted that Hansa was compromised, stating the moderators were actually law enforcement:


Earlier today, this same Redditor returned, saying that the same is true for Dream Market:


Comments on threads support his claim, noting odd behaviors seen in the marketplace for the past few weeks, with vendors going dark/not replying or being locked out:


Keep an eye out for our continued updates.

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