See where each of the 2018 Black Hat exhibitors ranks in our latest report.

The average exhibitors DARKINT score was 2.1, down from 2.6 last year.


The DarkOwl Darknet Index Black Hat 2018 reranks all the the Black Hat exhibitors at this year's conference using DARKINT, or darknet intelligence. This report assesses each Black Hat attendee in 2018, ranking them based on their exposure on the darknet, while also comparing their DARKINT footprint to last years edition of this study.

Analysis shows that the Black Hat exhibitors scored better than expected and actually improved over last year. Other key findings include:

  • Lower quality of data available on the darknet, not the quantity, appears to be driving scores lower.  DarkOwl found almost 100,000 mentions of the Black Hat
  • Black Hat exhibitors continued to be the best performing industry group we track and the first to register a year over year improvement. 
  • Investing in cybersecurity has tangible score benefits, leading to lower Index scores. 

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