We've ranked all of the Black Hat 2017 exhibitors by their exposure on the darknet.

See how they compare in our latest report.


We're excited to announce the release our exclusive Darknet Index: Black Hat Edition, a study that assesses each exhibitor at Black Hat and ranks them based on their exposure on the darknet.

Preliminary insights from the index include:

  • The government isn’t scoring well. There are a few U.S. government agencies ranking highly in the Black Hat Darknet Index, indicating a larger presence of exposed data on the darknet. OWL Cybersecurity will be releasing a U.S. Government index next month.
  • Large organizations expanding into cybersecurity are top targets. Due to the significant amount of sensitive information or intellectual property these organizations possess, and the difficulty securing, cybercriminals increasingly turn to large organizations to commit cybercrime.

Download the full index to learn more! hi

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