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Marketing & Digital Media Intern

We're looking for a "Marketing Intern" only because "marketing-savvy, quick-learning multitasking ninja" isn’t an actual job title.

DarkOwl is a cybersecurity company specializing in the darknet or "dark web." Our goal is to be the world’s leading darknet content, tools and data provider to empower our clients to continually improve their cybersecurity defenses. We’re well on our way there! If you’re excited about both marketing and cybersecurity, this may be the role for you.

Our Assistant Director of Marketing, Leah, is seeking an up-and-coming Marketing & Digital Media intern. This is your chance to join a company experiencing an exciting growth phase; you’ll be a part of developing and implementing our marketing strategy, and assisting in planning some major upcoming events. It’s a hard but fun, rewarding work in a unique start up environment - with flexibility to work on projects that play to your strengths. 

P.S. - If you have less than one year of experience but think you could knock it out of the park in this role, please feel free to apply. Some of our best work has come from undergrads doing their first internship! So, whether you hardly have any experience, or you're a graduate student looking to apply your marketing skills to a cutting-edge company.. as long as you're interested in the subject matter and eager to contribute, we welcome your application. 


  • Some experience in Marketing - be it social media, web design, email marketing, etc. 

  • Strong research skills. We like people who love to dig in and find everything there is to know about a topic. If you've ever spent an entire day researching (I don’t think we can say "stalking"..so let’s just say "researching") someone or something online, then you'll probably fit right in. 

  • Top-notch verbal and written communication skills, with a talent for thinking outside the box. FYI we’ll eventually need a writing sample.

  • The ability to translate technical concepts into everyday language.

  • Strong organizational and follow-up skills. We need someone who demonstrates great initiative and will jump right in vs. waiting around for a daily list of to-dos.

  • A high energy level and the capability to collaborate across teams in our fast-paced, rapidly changing work environment.

  • Above-average computer skills and experience in MS Office and/or the iOS equivalent. Any experience with the Adobe Creative Suite is a strong plus.


  • An interest in blogging/writing.

  • An interest in social media or are a general news junkie.

  • Tradeshow or event planning experience.

  • Basic graphic design or web design/development skills i.e. HTML and CSS, Squarespace or Wordpress, Adobe Creative Suite, etc.