Launch of Second Generation OWL Vision Dark Net Threat Intelligence Platform

Second generation allows for alerts and saved searches to provide continuous and updated monitoring of dark net for critical stolen or compromised information

Denver, CO—March 1, 2016—OWL Cybersecurity, LLC ("OWL") announced today the launch of its second generation OWL Vision dark net threat intelligence platform. The new platform incorporates saved search and other additional alert and filtering features, allowing for more efficient and timely combing of the dark net for stolen, hacked, or leaked information.

"We believe the OWL Vision platform is the world's largest commercially available database of dark net content," said Mark Turnage, CEO of OWL Cybersecurity. "This platform upgrade allows our customers more efficient continuous access to monitor the dark net for compromised information, threats, or other stolen data. The need for companies, organizations, and governments to look beyond their security perimeters is growing exponentially as the threat of hacking and cyber intrusion grows."

"We are bringing big data science to the dark net," Mr. Turnage continued. "We can examine the data about your company and better understand the risks and threat patterns you might face. And since the OWL Vision platform is offered as a SaaS product, our customers can search the dark net themselves, entirely anonymously and securely."

The new generation OWL Vision platform is already in commercial use.