OWL Cybersecurity Adds Andrew Lewman to Board of Directors

Cybersecurity veteran brings more than 30 years of business experience in technology and darknet to OWL Cybersecurity.

DENVER—(BUSINESS WIRE)— OWL Cybersecurity, a Denver-based cybersecurity company offering the world’s largest commercially available database of darknet content, today announced cybersecurity expert Andrew Lewman has joined its Board of Directors.

Lewman brings more than 30 years of business experience in technology and darknet, in addition to information security, systems administration and data management to the OWL Cybersecurity team. Lewman currently holds a senior position with Farsight Security and has previously held top executive positions at companies including The Tor Project and TechTarget. He has also served as an adviser to military and intelligence agencies, including the National Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security, and the Thorn Foundation.

"Andrew's extensive experience in cybersecurity — especially his work with The Tor Project — makes him a seasoned and valuable addition to our Board," said Mark Turnage, OWL Cybersecurity CEO. “The rapidly changing cybersecurity industry has only a few people who have witnessed the evolution of the darknet from the beginning, and we are thrilled to leverage Andrew’s experience on behalf of our clients.”

Lewman is also an accomplished author, with his most recent work, entitled “Tor and Links with Cryptomarkets," published by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction. He is also published by Fordham University Press and is a featured speaker at numerous technology conferences.

"I look forward to joining the Board of Directors at OWL Cybersecurity to leverage my experience and help empower their clients to continually improve their cybersecurity posture," said Mr. Lewman.

Lewman is also currently the treasurer at Emerge, a program working to end domestic violence through counseling and education. He is the chairman and treasurer of Each One Teach One, an organization that provides technical education, training and employment for girls, women and other disenfranchised students.

OWL Cybersecurity, based in Denver, provides what it believes to be the world’s largest database of darknet content and the tools and services to efficiently find hacked, leaked or compromised data. The proprietary OWL Vision platform automatically, anonymously and continuously collects, indexes and ranks dark net data, speeding the discovery of compromised information and empowering organizations to detect security gaps and mitigate damage. Complementing the OWL Vision platform is our range of comprehensive security services including assessment and penetration testing, incident response and forensics, architectural review, training, code review, risk assessment, gap analysis, and roadmap development, and policy, procedure, and control (PPC) review. For more information, please visit www.owlcyber.com.