OWL Cybersecurity Launches Monitors and Alerts Features on the OWL Vision Platform

Search the world’s largest commercially available index of darknet data

DENVER—(July 27, 2016)—OWL Cybersecurity, a Denver-based cybersecurity company, today debuted the latest release of their proprietary OWL Vision platform, incorporating monitor and alert features. OWL Vision automatically, anonymously and continuously collects, indexes and ranks darknet data, speeding the discovery of compromised information on the darknet and empowering organizations to easily detect security gaps and mitigate damage prior to misuse of their data.

This latest version of the OWL Vision platform includes:

  • Monitors to automatically run saved searches on your behalf.
  • Alerts to display important results found by your monitors.
  • Targeted searches of over 400 million pages using proprietary queries and filters.
  • Saved searches to easily run high priority searches on demand as 11 million pages are indexed daily.

OWL Vision indexes more useful data in one hour than a skilled analyst can discover in one month. OWL Cybersecurity provides this most up-to-date index of darknet data as a SaaS solution or part of a curated Risk Analysis service, leveraging the expertise of highly-trained intelligence analysts.

“Our new monitor and alert features help track your important data that can be easily missed by an analyst performing manual searches. The darknet is constantly changing and valuable information, such as credit card numbers or healthcare records, can be uploaded for mere seconds before being deleted,” said Mark Turnage, CEO of OWL Cybersecurity. “It is very important for companies to know if their data has been on the darknet, even if it is no longer live. Once data is compromised, companies need to act quickly to safeguard customers and sensitive data.”

To schedule a demonstration of OWL Vision, please visit www.owlcyber.com.