Threat monitoring: Why watching the dark web is crucial

TechTarget reports on the importance of darknet monitoring and explains why it is vital to incorporate the darknet as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity plan.  

"Threat monitoring on the dark web adds an additional level of intelligence that many companies are grasping for in order to get a leg up on attackers. Just like anything else, these technologies aren't to be used solely by themselves. They're to supplement your threat monitoring architecture by being able to perform searches outside of your normal domain and within areas that attackers are performing business."

"It's for this reason that cybersecurity threat intelligence companies like OWL Cybersecurity... undertake threat monitoring of the dark web and other commonly used hacker sites to bring this correlated intelligence to your fingertips."

"It's becoming extremely difficult to monitor all areas that an attacker might post information, but having services review the dark web and other sharing platforms that attackers normally communicate is critical in today's threat monitoring and reputation protection."