New Darknet Cyber Risk Scoring Tool - Darknet Intelligence Firm DarkOwl Announces Product Release

DARKINT™ Scores are the first security benchmarking tool rating organizations based on the extent and severity of their darknet exposure.

Denver, Colorado, USA – WEBWIRE – Tuesday, April 2, 2019

DarkOwl today announced the release of a new darknet exposure measurement, DARKINT Scores, which calculates an organization’s darknet footprint and converts it to a numerical value. This score is an indicator of a company’s darknet posture at the time of calculation and can be monitored over time.

Similar to a credit score, a DARKINT Score is a clear and simple data point that will help the users better measure and understand a company’s business risk on the darknet. Scores can also be utilized for self-risk assessments, brand monitoring, vendor risk management, and cyber underwriting and risk rating.

“With threat actors and security vulnerabilities becoming ever more prevalent and advanced in the darknet, cybersecurity professionals increasingly need defensible metrics on an organization’s darknet digital footprint. We believe that DARKINT Scores will help to solve this problem by providing a more wholistic picture of a company’s overall cyber risk,” said Mark Turnage, President and CEO of DarkOwl.

Scores are generated using DarkOwl’s extensive collection of DARKINT content – from the darknet, deep web and high-risk surface net– with the final numerical value representative of a company’s overall darknet exposure. The methodology for score calculation uses a formula that takes into account the quantity and latency of darknet data related to a particular organization, as well as the Hackishness™ of the results, which indicate how likely the company’s exposed data could be used for criminal activity.

“We’re excited to offer DARKINT Scores as means of helping businesses and organizations think about their cyber security posture from the perspective of darknet intelligence,” Turnage added. “The information security industry has long understood that the darknet is, for the most part, a haven for criminal activity. Now, by having a viable method to calculate the size of an organization’s footprint on the darknet and deep web, we have a means of treating the existence of a company’s data on the darknet as the threat indicator we’ve long known it to be.”

DARKINT Scores can be accessed and delivered either via DarkOwl’s Scores API, or via their DarkOwl Vision web application.

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