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Senior Software Engineer

We are doing new and exciting things and have big plans for growth!

We are searching for a Senior Software Engineer to help beat the bad guys.

First off, what is DarkOwl? What does it do in the darknet?

The darknet is a scary place. DarkOwl extracts and indexes data at scale from the darknet in real time, and provides a range of tools for our customers to search, monitor and analyze what is happening in the darknet that is relevant to them. With the world’s largest database of darknet content, DarkOwl allows its customers—primarily other cybersecurity companies and law enforcement—to have “eyes on the darknet” safely and comprehensively 24/7. We are growing quickly, and have plans to scale further. 

What does this Senior Software Engineer do at DarkOwl?

The world needs more DarkOwls, and fewer bad guys. At a time of great growth in this startup, you'll join a growing development team creating new capabilities, enhancing existing systems, and maintaining our product. Frankly, we are building something that hasn’t ever been built, and operating in an environment (the darknet) that was specifically engineered to make our job difficult. That means this is not a run-of-the-mill developer job. We are lean, and we will need you to quickly take ownership of multiple existing tools, provide technical vision, and maintain and expand those tools. Creativity and dedication are a must. So are skills. And a sense of humor.

Remote work is fine, although we have personnel in Denver, CO; Portland, OR; and Austin, TX.

What a Day in the Life of a DarkOwl Senior Software Engineer Looks Like

  • Pretty much on day #1 you are going to join the engineering team, and take ownership of several existing systems. Your job is to maintain these systems, make them better, and help us then grow our platform. We are good, and you need to make us better.

  • This job means you need to work with folks across engineering and product teams to understand system requirements, define technical tasks, and execute the tasks. If you are a person who likes to work by yourself in a cubicle and not interact with other human beings then this job is not for you, sorry.

  • All of the code and technical tools you build are professional, secure, tested and documented. If you can help us do it more professionally, more securely, and document that—then send us your resume.

  • Obviously, we are looking for folks who are:

    • Independent (don’t need too much handholding)

    • Quick learners (we really don’t have that much time to teach, and we aren’t a big company with a training department)

    • Creative (we are trying to accomplish the impossible, so creativity is kind of a prerequisite)

    • Flexible (you betcha. Priorities change, and we need to pivot on a dime)

  • Additionally, you will provide guidance and mentoring to more junior personnel as needed. That means we are always trying to bring up new folks, and we value wise people who can help them along.

What You Bring to the Table

We aren’t 100% strict on our tech requirements, but ideal candidates would have deep experience with the following:

  • Java

  • Microservice architectures

  • REST architectures

  • Common developer tools (code repositories, build tools, etc.)

  • Working with remote co-workers

Nobody has done it all, but we need folks that (in addition to the above) are comfortable with several of the following:

  • Search engine development and optimization

  • RESTful API development

  • SQL, NoSQL Databases

  • Stream processing

  • Caching databases

  • MapReduce and other big-data processing tools

  • AWS

  • Web crawlers

You will be honest, a straight shooter, and your integrity must be unquestioned. This one really is completely nonnegotiable. Remember, we are the good guys, fighting the bad guys.

Finally, you need to have experience with a startup. We aren’t a Fortune 500 company (yet), and the craziness of a startup can drive big-company folks nuts. We need you to hit the ground running.

What You DON’T Need to Bring to the Table

We couldn’t care less what your educational background is or isn’t, as long as you hit the requirements above. Nor do we care what grades you got in school. Nor if you ever went to school. Don’t care.

You don’t need to have any knowledge of cybersecurity, the darknet, or what the bad guys do on the darknet. We’ll teach you. We need your development skills.

Don’t bring your baggage about what your prior employer/s did/said/didn’t do. Or your ex, for that matter. We are a young startup, and don’t have time to think about all that. We care about you, our team and moving this business forward.

Why You Want to Work for DarkOwl

  • We offer a competitive salary (commensurate with experience)

  • We have a great benefits package including:

    • Company paid medical/dental/vision

    • 401(k)

    • Free Eco Pass

    • Flexible Time Off policy – We try and give our folks time to recharge

    • Equity – We want everyone to benefit as we grow larger

Other Information about DarkOwl

This is a full-time position—work where you like.

We're centrally located on the 16th St. Mall in downtown Denverthere is space here if you want to work at our office.

DarkOwl does not discriminate in employment matters on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, military service eligibility, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class. We support and strive for workplace diversity.

If you read this far, the next little bit is important:

  • Please don’t clutter our inbox if you aren’t qualified for this job. And while we appreciate the interest from all qualified candidates, and promise to review all applications, we will only be contacting those who best fit the requirements.

  • Please send resumes and cover letter to: careers[at]darkowl.com