Darknet Services Reports: What Do Our Expert Analysts Do?

August 03, 2023

DarkOwl Darknet Services

The darknet is used by a wide range of groups and individuals but is most well-known for its use by threat actors. The darknet is a haven for illicit activities many of which can pose a direct threat to organizations and individuals with stolen data being made available for purchase, access to illicit goods, and hacking activities as well as forums being used to discuss all manner of topics from extremism to CSAM to hacking practices and education.

For individuals who are not familiar traversing the darknet it can be a daunting task to search for threats and risks to an organization. DarkOwl’s team of expert analysts are able to conduct these investigations on behalf of customers identifying mentions of organizations as well as data relating to them that may be exposed. Our customizable service options allow customers to leverage our in-house expertise to save time, keep their employees safe, and fulfill the need for actionable threat intelligence.

The below example reports are samples of what the analyst team researches and reports on for darknet services clients.

Binge-O-Rama Darknet Exposure

Here we provide a sample report of an exposure analysis from the darknet, demonstrating the types of information that can be found with analyst comments. This is a fictional report created for example purposes only, the company name is fabricated and any information relating to real organizations or entities is redacted or unintentional. Any similarities to real entities are purely coincidental.

Threat Actor Analysis: SiegedSec

The darknet is a breeding ground for emerging threats, providing insights into evolving techniques, vulnerabilities, and attack vectors. Darknet data assists in identifying key individuals involved in cybercriminal activities, tracking their digital footprints, and uncovering connections to other criminal acts. This information aids in the apprehension of criminals, the disruption of illicit operations, and the prevention of future crimes. It can also assist organizations in understanding the threats that are posed to them by appreciating the motivations that threat actors have and who they are targeting and for what reasons.

DarkOwl analysts regularly conduct in-depth research into prominent threat actors and their operations. As part of DarkOwl’s Darknet services we can provide summaries of threat actors activities, their digital footprint and targets.

Here we provide a sample report examining recent activity by the groups SiegedSec. You can also check our threat actor spotlight blog on SiegedSec here.

Check out DarkOwl’s Darknet Services to see how your company and investigations can benefit from expert darknet analysts.

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