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Tailored Investigation Services

Accessing and analyzing data from the darknet is challenging, even for the most experienced of analysts. DarkOwl is the darknet expert, with access to the largest database of darknet and darknet adjacent content. Our customizable service options allow customers to leverage our in-house darknet and OSINT expertise to save time and keep their employees and customers safe. DarkOwl analysts will monitor, browse and analyze data from high-risk surface web, deep web, darknet and darknet adjacent sites to fulfill the need for actionable threat intelligence. Let us be an extension of your team.

Expert Analyst Support

Darknet Risk Analysis

Analyze the darknet risk posed to an organization or individual by identifying mentions by threat actors, appearance in data leaks including monitoring for exposed credentials, cyber operations and ransomware leaks which could lead to cyberattacks and/or physical risks. Analysts will provide a comprehensive evaluation of possible and present risks incorporating threat intelligence and OSINT to provide detailed findings. 

Threat Actor Profiling

Investigate, using darknet and open-source tools and techniques, specific threat actors, groups, activities or assets. Research their darknet footprint, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and victims to provide a summary of their activities and assess the threat posed to organizations and actionable threat intelligence which can be used to prevent future attacks.  

Darknet Monitoring

Deliver continued monitoring of authenticated, invite only, and obscure darknet and darknet adjacent sites for assets, individuals, and organizations. Provide timely alerts of exposed credentials and other information on the darknet that might pose a risk, offer insights into risks posed and cyber security threats. DarkOwl analysts will monitor, evaluate, report and alert to mentions on the darknet on an ongoing basis. 

Brand Protection

Provide analysis of reputational risk to a brand on the darknet; focusing on goods being sold online, counterfeit items, insider threats and data leaks. Investigate the darknet for information available and pivot to OSINT to provide a thorough overview of the threat posed.  

Data Acquisition

Assist clients to retrieve their stolen information, including credentials, made available by threat actors on the darknet. DarkOwl analysts can help navigate data acquisition that may require direct communication with threat actors, authentication and darknet expertise. Our expertise will ensure that all data is legally and ethically obtained.

“I was blown away by the report the DarkOwl analyst team produced for my team – the depth of the content, detailed descriptions, and accompanying screenshots was truly impressive. Their commitment to our project and genuine care about their clients’ success was evident throughout the process, from first meeting on our issue to sitting down and clearly covering each aspect of the report findings and next steps. They have proven themselves to be an invaluable partner and have left me inspired to dive into research and report writing myself.”

Jamie Macko, CISO & VP Information Security

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