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Relative Risk Rating

Signals to inform threat modeling, third party risk management, and cyber insurance, that potentially predict the likelihood of attacks

Track Your Relative Cyber Risk on the Darknet

With cyberattacks increasingly on the rise, organizations need better intelligence to safeguard themselves, employees and customers from incidents such as data breaches and ransomware attacks. This rise in illicit cyber activity only increases the need to protect against and determine the likelihood of these attacks.

DarkSonar, a relative risk rating based on darknet intelligence, measures an organization’s credential exposure on the darknet. DarkSonar enables companies to model risk, understand their weaknesses and anticipate potential cyber incidents. In turn, organizations are able to take mitigating actions to protect themselves from loss of data, profits, and brand reputation.


Research shows that most cyber incidents stem from a threat actor gaining initial access through a compromised set of credentials. Many of these attacks result in substantial costs including an organizations’ time and money, as well as long term effects such as loss of reputationnot to mention the potential effects on their clients and their employees.

DarkSonar is a relative risk rating that considers the nature, extent and severity of credential leakage on the darknet to provide a company with a signal that acts as a measurement for a company’s exposure.

In an analysis of over 250 companies that suffered from cyberattacks, their DarkSonar signal was elevated nearly 75% of the time months prior to the attack.

This indicates that DarkSonar can help organizations assess their risk level as an additive data point – and potentially predict a pending threat.

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“We recently conducted research with an independent cyber research institute and found that 98% of organizations have vendor relationships with at least one third-party that has experienced a breach in the last two years. This only reinforces the need for security teams to prioritize maintaining insight into their entire digital ecosystem, including their supply chain. DarkSonar offers a unique way to signal such risks, which is important for businesses of all sizes.”

Alex Rich, VP of Alliances & Channels

Understand Your Organization’s Potential Risk to Cyber Threats

Assess Likelihood of Threats

DarkSonar risk ratings capture rising or falling cyber risk over time. Changes in a company’s signal can reveal when an organization is at higher risk and serve as a warning to an organization prior to a potential attack. 

An elevated signal indicates that exposure on the dark web has dramatically increased, which translates to higher risk.

With DarkSonar, organizations gain access to a first-of-its kind risk calculation that can help mitigate potential damage from cyberattacks.

Manage Third Party Risk & Cyber Insurance Underwriting

DarkSonar provides an organization with a risk signal for their third-party vendors based on the severity and extent of email exposure on the dark web. 

This enables an organization to better understand the risk of a particular third-party, so that they can take immediate action, allowing security professionals to reduce the spread of proprietary data and reduce the scope of damage.

It can be used to measure risk in both underwriting and reinsurance, as well as across a variety of cyber risk modeling uses.

See how DarkSonar can aid in predicting potential attacks

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