With DarkOwl data products, end users can monitor, browse, and stream content in near real-time from the high-risk surface web, deep web, darknet, and darknet adjacent sites like authenticated chat platforms.

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Vision UI ›
Instantly analyze and research structured queries with our premiere darknet interface.

Search API ›
Integrate the power of DarkOwl’s data directly into your existing technology.

Entity API ›
Query particular threats to credit card, crypto, email, and IP addresses endpoints.

DarkSonar API ›
Inform threat modeling, third party risk, cyber insurance, and potentially predict the likelihood of attacks.

Score API ›
Calculate risk using darknet intelligence to determine exposure.

Ransomware API ›
Streamlined insight into ransomware group activity.

Datafeeds ›
Customize raw data that’s relevant to you. Perfect for data scientists.

Where We Get Our Data

Darknet Big Data

DarkOwl provides the most prolific darknet dataset in the industry without enabling or perpetuating cybercrime. Data is not purchased or illegally obtained. 

Where We Get Our Data


Automated AI and manual collections maximize data volume and quality 

Sourced from darknet, deep web, and darknet adjacent sites such as Tor, I2P, ZeroNet and Telegram 

Comprised of darknet marketplaces, forums, authenticated chat rooms and more


Continuous processes from DarkOwl engines consume unstructured data in near-real time  

Dataset is cleaned and stored in a secure environment


Isolated entities such as email addresses, social security numbers, and cryptocurrencies allow users to quickly identify important data  

Included metadata and source content provides contextual information


Vision app provides user-friendly interface for researchers 

API products enable enterprises to integrate DarkOwl data into their native environment 

Datafeeds can be customized to deliver unfiltered data at scale 

The world’s largest commercially available database of darknet content


Email Addresses


Credit Cards


Crypto Wallets

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“Through our partnership with DarkOwl, Ontic becomes the only protective intelligence platform to unite the largest dataset of dark web data that exists today with that from social media, news sites, public and criminal records, and company-proprietary records.”

Lukas Quanstrom, CEO of Ontic

Competitive Differentiators

Access to “deep darknet”
While others claim to collect content from the darknet, many have limited access and crawl only the landing pages of most sites. Due to DarkOwl’s combination of account-level access and advanced machine learning technology, 99% of all DarkOwl’s coverage goes “deeper” than the landing page of the websites we collect from, across all sources. In fact, an estimated 60% of all DarkOwl data comes from sources that require some form of authenticated, or account-level access.

Coverage of encrypted chats
DarkOwl collects millions of documents each day from the darknet and darknet adjacent networks, including encrypted chat platforms, hacker forums, FTP servers, marketplaces, as well as other authenticated chat services that DarkOwl may not divulge to protect uninterrupted collection.

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DarkOwl is a Denver-based company that provides the world’s largest index of darknet content and the tools to efficiently find leaked or otherwise compromised sensitive data. We shorten the timeframe to detection of compromised data on the darknet, empowering organizations to swiftly detect security gaps and mitigate damage prior to misuse of their data.