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Streamlined Insight into Ransomware Group Activity

This endpoint automatically filters results to a selection of RaaS websites & blogs
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Streamlined Insight into Ransomware Group Activity

Monitor ransomware sites for indicators of compromise

Ransomware API Example

Ransomware is not only a problem for those directly affected. Awareness of events among your own or your customers’ supplier ecosystems can help you stay aware of potential vectoring threats. The DarkOwl Ransomware API is designed to answer the essential question: Has an organization I monitor been extorted or compromised in a cybersecurity incident?


Leveraging the world’s leading and continuously updated darknet data index, you can gain insight into potential risk by conducting targeted ransomware searches. Ransomware API enables users to safely query continuously sourced and updated ransomware sites, primarily but not exclusively hosted in TOR and Telegram, run by criminal gangs, and threat actors to detect mentions of criminal activity against an organization.

Search parameters enable queries by company website, company name, contact name, or other proximity indicators such as products, brands, or other intellectual property.  Automated monitoring and alerting ensure continuous vigilance to a dynamic list of sources continually updated by DarkOwl.


Focused results from ransomware-specific sites

Evolving, dynamic sources for timely, relevant hits

Flexible search queries for optimal coverage of potential mentions

Actionable intelligence that organizations can leverage

Easy to deploy via streamlined developer tools

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