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Safely Access Discrete Darknet Data Points

Query specific credit card, cryptocurrency, email and IP address endpoints
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Safely Access Discrete Darknet Data Points

Darknet Data Signal, Not Noise

With Entity API, users can quickly and efficiently identify, monitor, and target particular threats in the darknet that are relevant to their particular needs and use-cases, including clients who need to see curated content that comes directly from recent darknet posts.

Discrete Data Points

On Demand

Secure and Flexible


Our financial clients have benefited from having visibility into potentially compromised information including, Bank Identification Numbers (BINs), credit card numbers, bank statements, payment application login credentials, among many others. The Entities API makes it easy to search for specific crypto wallets as well.

Powerful Endpoints

Emails and Domains
Email Address and Domain endpoints allow you to request all exposed information relating to a single email address or email domain. For example, you can request a list of all emails belonging to a particular domain, or see if a specific email address has been exposed with a hashed or plaintext password (if detected).

Cryptocurrency Addresses
Cryptocurrency Address endpoints allow you to see if specific cryptocurrency addresses have been exposed. Sample response include: a contextual text fragment provided from the original source document.

Credit Cards and BIN
Credit Card and Bank Identification Number (BIN) endpoints allow you to request to see information relating to a single credit card number or BIN. For example, end users can query all credit cards belonging to a specific BIN that have not expired or the URL source of the pages on which a specific credit card was posted.

IP Addresses
IP Address endpoints allow you to request to see information relating to a single IP address. For example, end-users can leverage search parameters to find: if a specific IP address has been posted on darknet forums.

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