Introducing the DarkOwl Lexicon

Easily discover and search for threat actors, darknet marketplaces and more.  



About the Search Lexicon

DarkOwl Vision's new DARKINT Search Lexicon is an easy-to-use tool intended to help users find interesting content within our database.


Navigate through categories such as "Vendors" or "Actors" to build queries that will search for well-known darknet vendors  or threat actors. Narrow down categories by searching for a particular topic within the Lexicon to find the results that are most relevant to you. Then, simply click on the item you'd like and the query will auto-populate in the search bar, allowing users to build queries like a pro and explore even more content in our database.



We're counting on you to make our Lexicon even better! Make a suggestion for content you'd like us to add using the form below.

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See something we're missing?

The DarkOwl Lexicon will only continue to grow and become more comprehensive as we add more content. So, if you know of a prominent threat actor that's not in the "Actors" list, or you've heard of a darknet marketplace that doesn't appear in "Markets" - we want to know about it!