Blueliv, Europe’s Premiere CyberThreat Intelligence Company, Strikes Data Sharing Partnership with DarkOwl, the Global Darknet Authority

Denver, CO – WEBWIRE – Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Darknet data experts, DarkOwl and BlueLiv, Europe’s top cyber security company have formed a partnership that will bring extensive darknet intelligence data to BlueLiv’s Threat Compass users. In return, DarkOwl will add BlueLiv’s vast database of threat intelligence to its darknet database.

BlueLiv’s Threat Context platform provides SOC, Incident Response and Threat Intelligence teams with continuously updated and intuitive information around threat actors, campaigns, malware indicators, attack patterns, tools, signatures and CVEs. DarkOwl’s Vision UI automatically, anonymously and continuously collects, indexes and ranks actionable data from the darknet 24/7/365, which allows analysts to effectively search, monitor, and receive alerts from a safe environment when leaked data appears on the darknet.
“I’m thrilled to partner with DarkOwl in the fight against cybercrime and have the opportunity to share our collective resources for our customers,” comments Daniel Solis, CEO and founder of Blueliv. “Beyond the welcome market reach for both parties, this partnership will grant us new insights for rapidly identifying our customer’s compromised data and helping them take quick, decisive steps towards mitigating the situation, as well as offering a brand new, supplemented approach to market.”
BlueLiv covers the broadest range of threats on the market with a pay-as-you-need modular architecture which delivers streamlined, cost-effective intelligence in real-time, backed by a world-class in-house analyst team.  Using Blueliv’s database of over 200 million items, the easy-to-use module offers pivoting capabilities so analysts can rapidly gather enriched, contextualized information to enhance cybersecurity processes before, during and after an attack

DarkOwl CEO, Mark Turnage comments, “BlueLiv’s command of threat intelligence is outstanding. Their module-based approach is valuable as clients can build out their cyber security protocol in their own timeline. Our extensive darknet data broadens BlueLiv’s darknet intelligence offering, and we are enhancing our database by incorporating BlueLiv’s threat intelligence into our platform. This important partnership gives both DarkOwl and BlueLiv clients access to an enormous spectrum of threat intelligence.”

About BlueLiv
Blueliv is Europe’s leading cyberthreat intelligence provider, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. Blueliv’s mission is to empower our customers with a collaborative, automated and targeted threat intelligence, to fight the cybercrime and help them manage their digital risk as quickly as the threat landscape changes. Covering the broadest range of threats on the market, a pay-as-you-need modular architecture means customers receive streamlined, cost-effective intelligence delivered in real-time, backed by our world-class in-house analyst team. Intelligence modules are scalable, easy to deploy and easy to use, maximizing security resource while accelerating threat detection, incident response performance and forensic investigations. Blueliv is recognized across the industry by analysts including Gartner and Forrester, and has earned multiple awards for its technology and services including ‘Security Company of the Year 2019’ by Red Seguridad, Enterprise Security and Enterprise Threat Detection 2018 category winners by, in addition to holding affiliate membership of FS-ISAC for several years.
About DarkOwl
We are darknet experts. DarkOwl was founded in 2016, and we are the world’s leading provider of DARKINT ™, darknet intelligence and offer the largest commercially available database of darknet content. DarkOwl enables cybersecurity organizations, law enforcement and government organizations to fully understand their security posture and detect potential breaches and violations of the law and mitigate them quickly. We offer a variety of options to access our data, please visit us at


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