CyberDefenses Team to Enhance Cyber Intelligence with DarkOwl Darknet Data    

DarkOwl will be instrumental in two CyberDefenses cyber intelligence service offerings – Deep Insight and Cyber Theft Locator  

DENVER (October 6 ,2020) – DarkOwl LLC and CyberDefenses have inked a deal that helps CyberDefenses’ customers gain insight beyond general threat landscape intelligence reports to cybercriminal activity on the darknet that is directly related to the customer.

“Dark Owl provides a depth and breadth of darknet data that is unique in the industry,” Armando Ordonez, CyberDefenses CEO says. “Our partnership with Dark Owl is instrumental in helping us deliver the customer-specific intelligence that informs highly sophisticated and effective protection against targeted cybercrime.”

DarkOwl will bring its vast database of darknet data to CyberDefenses, which will be significantly influential in two of the company’s offerings; Deep Insight and Cyber Theft Locator.

With Cyber Theft Locator, Dark Owl data is a key addition to CyberDefenses’ cyber intelligence methods that help identify theft devices on point-of-sale payment terminals.  For example, CyberDefenses combines Dark Owl data with proprietary investigative techniques to find hot spots of credit card theft at fueling stations. These discoveries help provide state regulatory entities and law enforcement with the information needed to find skimmer and shimmer theft devices on fueling pumps remotely. This process is faster than manual detection methods which leads to a larger number of device removals, reduces the volume of theft and the likelihood of repeat targeting, and in some cases, can lead to apprehending the criminals.

For the Deep Insight service, Dark Owl provides data that CyberDefenses uses with pattern matching and other investigative techniques to identify cyberattack targeting that can be difficult to discover across distributed environments and the entire supply chain.  Customers can use the findings to apply highly effective defenses and granular controls to defend against the specific threats focused on them.

Mark Turnage, DarkOwl CEO commented, “CyberDefenses has built an extraordinary technology platform, and combined with their investigative methods they are leaders in protecting consumers.  Our breadth and depth of darknet data is a new and we believe critical link in the chain of the protection they offer, and we are proud to partner with them and contribute to their industry-leading suite of services.”


About CyberDefenses

CyberDefenses, Inc. is an award-winning Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) that shields businesses and government agencies from cyber threats. On September 11 of 2001, CyberDefenses Founder Randell Casey, a retiring military veteran, was tasked with investigating whether the United States was under cyberattack in addition to physical terrorist attack. In response, Mr. Casey gathered a group of military cybersecurity experts and started CyberDefenses. The company utilizes its highly seasoned and credentialed security personnel and security operations centers to address security needs including cyber intelligence, network and endpoint monitoring and threat detection, incident response, CMMC readiness, security program consulting, policy and plan development, security and risk assessments and pen testing. For more information, please visit

About DarkOwl

DarkOwl was founded in 2016 with the mission of collecting the broadest dataset of darknet content available in the cyber-defense industry and making that data both accessible and valuable to its clients. By empowering its customers to have eyes on the darknet, DarkOwl enables organizations and governments to fully understand their security posture, detect potential breaches and violations of the law, mitigate them quickly, and investigate even the furthest and most obscure reaches of the internet.

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