Darknet Data Provider DarkOwl Releases Powerful New API Product: Entity API

The Newest Member of our API Product Suite Allows Users to Request Pinpointed, Targeted Information From the Darknet

Denver, CO – Monday, November 2, 2020 – DarkOwl is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new product, Entity API, on the DarkOwl Vision platform. Entity API provides contextual and highly targeted information from the darknet about Email Addresses and Domains, Credit Cards and BINs, IP Addresses and IP Range, and Cryptocurrency Addresses and Type.

“In ongoing discussions with many of our clients, we hear and understand how critical it is for them to quickly discern the severity of an email compromise, or the exposure of an IP address,” said Sarah Prime, Director of Product Technology. “Entity API is a new way for DarkOwl Vision to provide very specific darknet insights that our customers need to know and monitor.”

Entity API delivers distilled information from DarkOwl Vision’s large collection of DARKINT™ data, which includes sources from Tor, I2P, ZeroNet, encrypted chat, data breaches, and others. Entity API allows users to very quickly and efficiently identify, monitor and target particular threats in the darknet that are relevant to their particular needs and use cases.

DarkOwl CEO, Mark Turnage states: “We have our pulse on the darknet and we understand how the cybersecurity industry and law enforcement use darknet data and need it delivered.  Our goal is to offer the option of more targeted, very specific data endpoints in Entity API, which is a great complement to our Vision Search API and Score API products.”

Entity API joins DarkOwl’s list of growing API data products, which includes Search API and Score API.  With Search API users can access DarkOwl Vision’s data collection, with native search capabilities in 47 languages and create targeted searches with Boolean operators, regular expressions, and filters to retrieve full text results, with associated metadata and entities. The Score API product allows users to calculate the darknet exposure of any organization based on the hackishness and recency of relevant information found in DarkOwl Vision.

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