DarkOwl and BreachBits Join Forces to Strengthen Breach Prediction

February 05, 2024

DarkOwl, the leading provider of darknet data, and BreachBits, the world’s most accurate cyber risk rating platform, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration brings together DarkOwl’s unparalleled expertise in monitoring the darknet and darknet adjacent sites with BreachBits’ innovative approach to automated breach prediction, creating a comprehensive solution to fortify organizations against cyber risks.

The darknet is a layer of the internet designed specifically for anonymity. Due to its inherently anonymous and privacy-centric nature, it facilitates a complex ecosystem of cybercrime. The darknet is a thriving ecosystem that many organizations struggle to incorporate into their security posture. However, it is an increasingly vital component for organizations with forward-thinking strategies.

Because the darknet serves as a sanctuary for illicit activities, insight into its activities is essential for a comprehensive view of cyber risk and digital footprints. The partnership between DarkOwl and BreachBits signifies a commitment to delivering enhanced predictive threat intelligence, helping businesses and government entities stay one step ahead of evolving cyber threats by gaining insight and visibility into what cyber criminals may already know. By combining DarkOwl’s extensive darknet data with BreachBits’ advanced discovery, testing, and risk rating capabilities, BreachBits will be able to help customers better predict and avoid breaches while providing a holistic digital risk landscape that will now boast a more comprehensive darknet analysis.

“We are thrilled to partner with BreachBits to provide a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that leverages the unique strengths of both organizations,” said Mark Turnage, CEO and Co-Founder at DarkOwl. “By combining our expertise in darknet threat intelligence with BreachBits’ monitoring and testing capabilities, we aim to empower organizations to proactively safeguard their digital assets against evolving cyber threats.”

“Our partnership with DarkOwl is an exciting step forward in our mission to keep our customers and the companies they care about ahead of breaches,” John Lundgren, BreachBits CEO added. “Together, we can empower organizations of any size to shed even more light on their digital risk landscape and see what threat actors already know.” 

About BreachBits
Founded by US Military cyber warfare veterans, our team noticed a serious gap – attackers were victimizing smaller organizations that did not have the resources to stay ahead of these attacks.

We believe the best way to stay secure is to test yourself the same way attackers do, so you know where your weaknesses are and fix them before attackers find them. We’ve developed the world’s most accurate risk rating platform, and we’re on a mission to bring advanced security testing to any organization, regardless of size or budget, so we can finally begin to Turn the Tide against cyber attacks.  For more information, visit www.breachbits.com.

About DarkOwl
DarkOwl is the industry’s leading provider of darknet data. We offer the world’s largest commercially available database of information collected from the darknet. Using machine learning and human analysts, we automatically, continuously, and anonymously collect and index darknet, deep web, and high-risk surface net data. Our platform collects and stores data in near real-time, allowing darknet sites that frequently change location and availability to be queried in a safe and secure manner without having to access the darknet itself. Customers are able to turn this data into a powerful tool to identify risk at scale and drive better decision making. For more information, contact us.

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