FinClusive Taps Darknet Data Expert Darkowl to Broaden Its Initiatives to Provide Inclusive Financial Access

FinClusive is breaking the mold of financial access for millions of businesses and individuals with Compliance as a Service, supported by tools such as darknet data intelligence.

Denver, CO – WEBWIRE – Tuesday, December 8, 2020

DarkOwl and FinClusive announced today a partnership that will enable FinClusive access to DarkOwl’s massive darknet database in support of its Compliance as a Service (CaaS) platform and its mission to expand access to financial services to the underserved.

FinClusive is the only provider that is built on proven systems to create secure, user-friendly financial engagement and is delivering the core elements of a scalable and compliant-centric digital financial services platform. Their goal is to bring secure, compliance-centered banking to the 2.5 to 3.5 billion people and businesses worldwide who are financially excluded or underserved and make compliance simple and access to basic financial services seamless.

Amit Sharma, FinClusive’s CEO states, “As many as 3.5 billion people and millions of organizations worldwide are underserved or excluded from the financial system.  It’s not enough to simply put the tools in place to enable organizations that provide financial services to be the most robust bunker on the planet; that bunker must allow more people and businesses into the system.  Our partnership with Dark Owl will enable greater transparency and security while making financial access easier for many around the world.”

FinClusive’s Compliance as a Service (CaaS) is an automated and full-stack financial crimes compliance (FCC) solution in one workflow designed for traditional banks and modern financial technology companies. Features include:

  • Evaluate actual vs perceived compliance risk—of individuals and businesses

  • Dynamically screen thousands of data and risk management sources globally

  • Comprehensive due diligence—from basic to enhanced, and offline data—fully integrated

DarkOwl CEO, Mark Turnage comments, “FinClusive’s approach to compliance is revolutionary and it provides a single risk and compliance gateway to secure financial services that have been out of reach for so many small businesses, individuals and non-profits. We applaud their mission and recognize their groundbreaking technological expertise and look forward to a very successful partnership”

About FinClusive
FinClusive is a hybrid fin-/reg-tech company that provides a full-stack financial crimes compliance (FCC) platform that facilitates inclusion (access to secure accounts and payments) for the world’s financially underserved and excluded.  FinClusive recognizes the growth in alternative financial services and technologies and the opportunity they afford to supporting financial inclusion globally, and we help bridge these growing systems and traditional banking with comprehensive compliance to reinforce financial system integrity and access in tandem. Learn more at

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