HWG Enhances Cyber Security Monitoring with DarkOwl Partnership 

DarkOwl is proud to announce a new partnership with HWG, a cyber security company leveraging a combination of cyber defense, machine intelligence and human expertise. 

As companies are more vulnerable to unknown threats due to the advancing digitalization and automation technologies they are using, cybercrime often accompanies that increased usage. HWG plays a central role in continuous security monitoring to prevent, detect, analyze, and respond to cyber threats.  In joining forces with DarkOwl, the world’s largest database of darknet content, HWG is now able to offer a deeper insight into darknet intelligence while monitoring companies’ information systems, detecting anomalies, and containing and responding to cyberattacks.  

Enrico Orlandi HWG CEO states: “We are pleased to partner with DarkOwl in the fight against cybercrime. This partnership will help us to achieve a higher level of investigative intelligence, thanks to their extensive knowledge of the darknet and the massive database of dark web content. DarkOwl’s data is critical for us to provide and improve a service that truly matches the needs of businesses.” 

Mark Turnage, DarkOwl CEO comments: “This partnership will have great impact for HWG businesses.  All organizations face huge cybersecurity challenges and getting ahead of them is critical. HWG has been in cybersecurity for years.  They desire to offer the best sophisticated cyber security solutions to support their suite of services through the Security Operations Center, with the power of DarkOwl’s darknet intelligence we are thrilled to assist them in their cyber security solutions for high-risk sectors.” 

About HWG 

HWG provides cyber security operations and consulting services to large and midsize enterprises with advanced security requirements, that don’t plan to keep security expert teams and infrastructure internally.  

Founded in 2008, HWG operates globally from the HQ in Italy (Verona) and offices in Vilnius, Dubai, and Singapore. A team of cyber security experts monitors customer digital environments 24×7 and is instantly ready to recognize cyber-attacks and fight them back. 

Being a trusted security provider for companies in over 20 countries, HWG knows how to improve cyber security resilience even across complex and sensitive environments like financial, automotive, industrial, telecom and others.  For more information, visit us at https://www.hwg.it/en 

About DarkOwl 

We are the darknet experts. DarkOwl was founded in 2016 and offers the world’s leading source of darknet data products. DarkOwl enables organizations to fully understand their security posture, detect potential breaches and violations of the law and mitigate them quickly. DarkOwl turns the darknet into a tool for our customers, enabling them to quantify risk at scale in order to make decisions that increase business success. By delivering the most prolific, relevant and timely darknet data available, our products ensure that our customers can find the exact data they need. DarkOwl’s robust ecosystem of products turns the dark web into a powerful tool to identify risk at scale and drive better decision making.  We offer a variety of options to access our data, please visit us at www.darkowl.com 

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