Introducing Actor Explore: Your Ultimate Resource for Cyber Threat Actor Intelligence

November 08, 2023

DarkOwl is thrilled to announce the launch of Actor Explore, an exciting new addition to our Vision UI platform that provides invaluable insights into cyber threat actors. This latest feature is designed to empower security professionals, researchers, and organizations with analyst curated information about threat actors, enhancing their ability to understand and combat cybersecurity threats effectively.

With Actor Explore, access to comprehensive threat actor information is just a click away. Navigating the cyber threat actor landscape has never been easier. Each actor profile in Actor Explore includes a detailed dossier, offering an in-depth overview of the threat actor. Additionally, DarkOwl analysts provide extensive information such as darknet fingerprints, targets, tools, CVEs, contact information, and more when available. Actor Explore connects this information to our other data sets, including leak sites, ransomware sites, alias, cryptocurrency, etcetera that actors are associated with. This wealth of data enables users to gain a profound understanding of the threat actors, their tactics, and the potential risks they pose.

Cyber threats are continually evolving, and so are the threat actors behind them. The collection consists of threat actors in several categories, including: state-sponsored, cybercrime-focused, ransomware groups, access brokers, exploit brokers and buyers, critical infrastructure attackers, and more. Actor Explore will be regularly updated with new information and actors, prioritizing client needs, ensuring that users have access to the latest intelligence to bolster their cybersecurity efforts and research.

DarkOwl’s Director of Product, Sarah Prime, expressed their enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “We believe this new feature will give our users insight about important threat actors and provide pivot points to where they appear in the darknet. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive darknet dataset, along with context and enrichment that helps our users understand evolving cyber threats.”

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