Introducing DarkOwl’s Cutting-Edge Darknet Services: Unveiling Actionable Darknet Threat Intelligence

July 31, 2023

DarkOwl, a leading provider of darknet data solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Darknet Services, empowering organizations to advance their darknet investigations and monitoring with DarkOwl analyst expertise.

DarkOwl’s Darknet Services offer customizable, tailored, expert analyst support to enrich darknet data and provide customers with investigative reconnaissance, darknet monitoring, data acquisition and brand protection.

Key features and benefits of DarkOwl’s Darknet Services include:

  • Comprehensive Darknet Visibility: DarkOwl’s extensive monitoring infrastructure constantly scans and indexes darknet, deep web, and high-risk surface net data, ensuring comprehensive visibility into evolving threats and malicious activity.
  • Actionable Threat Intelligence: Leveraging machine learning and human analyst expertise, DarkOwl transforms raw data into actionable intelligence, providing organizations with precise insights to identify emerging threats, assess risks, and enhance their cybersecurity posture.
  • Darknet Investigation Support: DarkOwl’s expert analysts offer enhanced support to organizations in investigating incidents related to the deep and darknet, providing critical insights into threat actors, their tactics, and potential vulnerabilities to a company, VIP or brand.

Mark Turnage, CEO of DarkOwl states, “We are excited to introduce Darknet Services, which marks a significant milestone for DarkOwl and the darknet threat intelligence community. With Darknet Services, businesses can now gain a deeper understanding of the darknet landscape, arming them with invaluable insights that can help prevent devastating attacks and inform decisions to safeguard their digital assets.”

To learn more about DarkOwl’s Darknet Services and request a demo, please visit

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