Pegasus Intelligence Partners with Darknet Data Provider DarkOwl to Enhance Cyber Intelligence Solutions for Government and Military Clients

August 15, 2022

DarkOwl is proud to announce their new partnership with Pegasus Intelligence, a cutting-edge security solutions company delivering signals intelligence and cyber intelligence solutions to government and military clients in challenging environments.

With a focus on serving the defense and space manufacturing industries, Pegasus Intelligence FZCO is a broker of technology products and services that were developed with their most critical end-users in mind. Their Product Management orientation is the vehicle that bridges customer requirements to product manufacturers, ensuring well-articulated system lifecycle and sustainment plans. The Pegasus Intelligence team can address highly nuanced concerns exposed through system tests to macro issues of program management and force modernization.

Pegasus Intelligence believes the future of warfare is likely to focus less on firepower and more on the power of information and the way it connects a military’s forces through the concepts of command, control, communications, computers, cyber, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C5ISR). More than ever, the advantage will lie with whichever side can collect the most vital information, accurately and quickly analyze it, and then rapidly and securely disseminate the information and associated instructions to forces.

DarkOwl CEO, Mark Turnage, shares the same sentiment that there has been an unprecedented amount of data leaked into the darknet as a result of the ongoing cyberwar; “Since February of this year, the net size of our database has increased by 20% in six months because so much data has been spilled out into the darknet as a result of the current cyberwar.  The darknet is a chaotic and often unruly environment and it just became even more chaotic and risky. We are excited to initiate our partnership with Pegasus Intelligence and add our database to their cyber intelligence for government and military clients.”

Andrew Grunstein, Pegasus Intelligence CEO states: “We are very pleased to be growing our mutual cooperation with the outstanding DarkOwl team delivering unparalleled capabilities to clients across the Gulf.”

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About Pegaus Intelligence

Founded in 2008 with is headquarters in Abu Dhabi, Pegasus Intelligence specializes on delivering cutting-edge security solutions, delivering signals intelligence and cyber intelligence solutions to government and military clients in challenging environments. Our team of Intelligence professionals have the experience to deliver the right capability to achieve your objectives.

About DarkOwl

DarkOwl uses machine learning to automatically, continuously, and anonymously collect, index and rank darknet, deep web, and high-risk surface net data that allows for simplicity in searching. Our platform collects and stores data in near real-time, allowing darknet sites that frequently change location and availability, be queried in a safe and secure manner without having to access the darknet itself. DarkOwl offers a variety of options to access their data.

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