Symbol Security Partners with Data Provider DarkOwl to Broaden Its Initiative to Provide Cybersecurity Awareness for Customers

July 11, 2022

DarkOwl and Symbol Security today announced their partnership, which enables Symbol Security access to DarkOwl’s extensive darknet database. This collaboration will support Symbol Security’s new Cyber Threat Surveillance feature, which will empower thousands of customers to gain access to critical visibility of surface web, deep web, and dark web activity involving their most critical assets.
The Cyber Threat Surveillance tool comes as a result of the ever-escalating global cybercrime landscape. By incorporating data from DarkOwl, Symbol Security is able to offer education programs and resources, alongside proactive awareness and cyber threat visibility – components that are key to reducing cybercrime and overall cyber risk.
“The launch of our Cyber Threat Surveillance service provides previously unattainable darknet visibility for customers with modest budgets” said Symbol Security President and Co-Founder Craig Sandman, “Now, small to mid sized businesses, and the thousands of MSPs, vCISO’s and Security Consultants that serve this space can gain much needed deep and dark web visibility at a price point that make sense.”
While services like Cyber Threat Surveillance exist today, most are built for a more sophisticated global enterprise or Fortune 1000 business. Symbol’s Cyber Threat Surveillance tool, which provides surface, deep, and dark web visibility, is instead aimed towards SMB and mid-market clients.
DarkOwl CEO, Mark Turnage commented, “Symbol Security’s approach to reducing human risk impressively wholistic. Adding DarkOwl’s data to their customer offerings will help to secure cybersecurity visibility services that have been out of reach for so many small businesses. We applaud their mission and recognize their progressive technical expertise, and look forward to a very successful partnership”
About Symbol Security:
Symbol Security’s SaaS platform helps customers reduce their cyber risk, and adhere to industry compliance requirements. Through authentic simulated phishing exercises, interactive training content, and awareness of risk data across domain registries, and the dark web, Symbol helps companies identify and act on potential points of cyber risk. Symbol can be operated by company administrators with ease or leveraged by Managed Security Service Providers as part of their security offerings.
About DarkOwl
DarkOwl uses machine learning to automatically, continuously, and anonymously collect, index and rank darknet, deep web, and high-risk surface net data that allows for simplicity in searching. Our platform collects and stores data in near realtime, allowing darknet sites that frequently change location and availability, be queried in a safe and secure manner without having to access the darknet itself. DarkOwl offers a variety of options to access their data. 

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