Terbium Labs and DarkOwl Join Forces to Enable Clients Secure Monitoring of Millions of Records Against the World’s Largest Dark Web Database

A new partnership combines Terbium Labs’ Digital Fingerprinting Technology with DarkOwl’s content to create private access to compare unlimited records against DarkOwl’s entire darknet index.

DENVER (August 6, 2020) – DarkOwl LLC and Terbium Labs are proud to announce a strategic partnership, the combination delivers a uniquely comprehensive and granular digital risk protection for Terbium clients.

Combining the breadth and depth of DarkOwl’s darknet content with Terbium Labs’ Digital Risk Protection Solution, Matchlight, clients will have access to continuous, real-time monitoring and alerting and exact data matching against the world’s largest darknet database — minimizing false positives, decreasing breach detection time, while ensuring a secure and simple process of placing unlimited data types under monitoring.

“With Matchlight’s Digital Fingerprinting technology, clients can privately place hundreds of thousands or even millions of branded and unbranded company records and keywords under monitoring. With its precise data matching, Matchlight continuously monitors and alerts clients when their data is found online, even if it appears on a page without mention of your company brand name or any other public keywords. For the first time, clients can now run these large scale comparisons against DarkOwl’s entire crawl and receive real-time alerting and remediation support within the Matchlight platform.” —Tyler Carbone, Chief Strategy Officer, Terbium Labs

The partnership pairs DarkOwl’s extensive darknet data with Matchlight’s Digital Fingerprinting technology, enabling clients to privately and precisely monitor the full spectrum of their organization’s digital footprint of branded and unbranded data, from customer and employee PII, to mentions of their company and brand, to intellectual property, and beyond.

Mark Turnage, DarkOwl CEO offers this perspective, “We are delighted to partner with Terbium on this solution.  This combination of two world-class technology platforms allows Terbium’s clients confidential and private monitoring of DarkOwl’s data via their Matchlight program, and access to one of the world’s largest and broadest darknet datasets.  And as we continue to improve the quality and quantity of our data collection efforts across multiple darknets Terbium’s customers will have immediate access to these improvements and enhancements.”



About Terbium Labs

Matchlight, the company’s comprehensive digital risk protection (DRP) platform features continuous digital asset monitoring, robust analytics, and actionable intelligence, to quickly identify and minimize the impact of exposed data across the Internet – whether it’s the open, deep, or dark web. Featuring its patented digital fingerprinting technology that ensures private data stays private, unique fusion of data science and machine learning, and dedicated analysts, Terbium Labs provides pinpoint accuracy for early detection and remediation of data exposure, theft, or misuse across the digital landscape. Learn more about Terbium Labs’ unique approach to DRP by visiting terbiumlabs.com or on Twitter @TerbiumLabs.

About DarkOwl

DarkOwl was founded in 2016 with the mission of collecting the broadest dataset of darknet content available in the cyber-defense industry and making that data both accessible and valuable to its clients. By empowering its customers to have eyes on the darknet, DarkOwl enables organizations and governments to fully understand their security posture, detect potential breaches and violations of the law, mitigate them quickly, and investigate even the furthest and most obscure reaches of the internet. www.darkowl.com

Media Contact

For DarkOwl:

Kim Ketchel, Director of Marketing, DarkOwl

For Terbium Labs:

Hilary Killian, Marketing Director, Terbium Labs

[email protected]



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