One Year Later: A Look Back at the Ukraine Conflict and its Impact on the Global Criminal Digital Ecosystem

March 13, 2023

Exactly 365 days after Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, the Ukraine-Russia conflict shows no sign of ending and an adjacent global cyberwar continues to wage in underground corners of the internet. However, its effects are substantial with impacts felt across numerous sectors of our society and western economies. While cruise missiles and artillery shells rain on villages across Ukraine, the digital underground has experienced its own mix of chaos and drama, impulsive and unpredictable shifts with criminal communities that have had to quickly adapt to an ever-dynamic global geopolitical climate. 

In this research, we’ll look at how ransomware shifted from an affiliate-driven extortion-based crime model – purely motivated by financial gain – to a quite effectual digital weapon deployed to disrupt key supply chains and carry out cyber espionage operations. 

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