Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Featured & Upcoming Content

October 7, 2022

In light of Cybersecurity Awareness month, DarkOwl is committed to sharing resources from our researchers and analysts that touch on safety best-practices and key trends in the global cybersphere based directly on insights from the darknet.

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Featured Content


Tensions Between China & Taiwan Realized on the Darknet

In this report, DarkOwl researchers provide insights and analysis from the darknet on how tensions between China and Taiwan are impacting the cyber underground.

Read the report


Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technology Threats on the Darknet

DarkOwl participated in this presentation in conjunction with Hybrid COE to bring awareness around ICS/OT threat vectors that continue to emerge and circulate on the darknet.

View the slide deck

Upcoming Content This Month


Cybersecurity Awareness: Darknet Investigator Best Practices

DarkOwl analysts outline a compilation of best practices for conducting OSINT and DARKINT investigations. Curious what we mean by DarkInt? Check out this 101 guide. This is now live!


Cyber Group Spotlight: Bjorka

Learn more about the threat actor Bjorka who is causing terror to the Indonesian government. Check out previous Cyber Group Spotlight on SiegedSec in the meantime. This now live!


DarkOwl @ OSMOSISCON in Tampa, FL

DarkOwl Product Engineer Damian Hoffmann will present “Finding Actionable intelligence in Dark Web Data for OSINT investigations” to attendees at this year’s OSMOSISCON, October 16 – 18.

Attending OSMOSISCON? Schedule a time meet with a DarkOwl team member here. Read our synopsis here.


DarkOwl @ DarkWeb Conference in Hyderabad, India

David Alley, CEO for DarkOwl FZE will be attending and speaking at this conference on October 18th, focusing on Combating Cyber Warfare and Cyber Terrorism using the Darkweb.

Attending this conference? Schedule time to meet David here.


Dark Web Monitoring

DarkOwl is an open-source intelligence (OSINT) platform that aggregates information from various underground sources. Monitor for information critical to your organization, clients, and customers to discern actionable and meaningful intelligence from things like cyber breaches and ransomware attacks. Check out our new datasheet.


Top Mentions of Cybersecurity Awareness on the Darknet

This piece will examine what threat actors on the darknet are discussing regarding cybersecurity awareness and related topics. This is now live!

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